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An entry for VR Jam 2020. You got thrown into a dungeon cell, your magical orb just out of reach to taunt you. But your captors didn't know about your magical bond with the orb. Escape your cell, find a number of new abilities and loot the castle's treasury while you're at it! There's several ways to get there, can you find them all?

We think it could be a cool basis for a VR metroidvania (the list of potential "tool uses" we descoped for the jam is a lot longer than the ones that ended up in the game). We hope you're gonna have a ball with it!

Requires SteamVR and is only tested with an HTC Vive and Oculus Rift S. Other headsets should work if you set up control bindings, but the in-game instructions will refer to the standard bindings of these two controllers (and may or may not refer to the Rift's joystick as a trackpad <_<).


Game Design and Programming by Paulo De Mello and Martin Ender
Interior Design by Mender Berri
Rendering Consulting by Pixelgrapher

Unity Assets used

Ultimate Dungeon Pack
Unity Particle Pack
Low Poly Rock Pack
Procedural fire
Stones and buried treasure
Toon RTS Units - Demo

Known issues

  • Not a bug, but just to clarify: there's no audio in this game. The gameplay and level design ended up taking all of our time during the jam.
  • Touching the power-up scrolls while the ball is in your hand doesn't pick them up, you need to throw the ball at them.


Windows 66 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the downloaded file and run the "Orb and Sorcery.exe".

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