A one-button Tron clone for 2-4 local players. Choose a letter key when the game starts and then press it whenever the steering wheel points in your direction of choice. You have no control over the steering wheel, so the game is all about timing your inputs to when the correct action is available.

If you steer along the line you're already travelling, you will speed up or slow down for a short amount of time.

Picking up items messes with the steering wheels of your opponents. You can freeze, slow down, speed up or reverse their steering wheels, and you can disable one of their sectors.

You get one score point for each opponent who crashes before you.

ESC quits the game.

Full screen is strongly recommended.


  • Design and Programming — Martin Ender and Lukas Niemeier

Made with Unity. The only Unity asset we used was DOTween. In game font: 8 BIT WONDER. Sound effects created with Bfxr.

You can find the source code on GitHub.


TRONE for Windows 20 MB
TRONE for Max OS X 19 MB
TRONE for Linux 15 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run TRONE.exe (Windows), TRONE.app (Mac OS X) or TRONE.x86_64 (Linux).


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Hahaha, thats funny. I also made a Tron remake named Trone :P

Great game! I really like that anybody can register a player just by pressing the key they like.