Thanks to everyone who’s played the game and provided feedback so far. The positive response has been very encouraging! :)

Here’s a small update to improve a few levels:

  • Level 5 (Slalom): Tweaked layout to prevent people from running into a bug.
  • Level 8 (How Odd): Reworked a bit to prevent an unintended solution and make the intended solution a little more interesting.
  • Level 11 (Broken Bridge): Added a missing wire.
  • Level 16 (Three Seashells): Reworked to prevent two unintended solutions.

I’m aware of some pretty significant cheese in level 14 (The Elephant in the Room) but I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory fix today, so it stays for now.

The original jam build remains playable at this link.


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Jul 09, 2022

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