Isaac is back for another puzzling adventure as he weighs his options in this jelly-pushing game!

Originally made in 7 days for the second Thinky Puzzle Game Jam. I have once again ignored the jam's (optional) theme "Magician's Hat". As I have since made updates to the game, you can play the original jam build here.

If you get stuck, you can skip any level with the Konami code:

▲ ▲ ▼ ▼ ◀ ▶ ◀ ▶ X


Many thanks to 5381, Blaž Urban Gracar, Raindrinker, Karoo, Beekie and Steven Miller for playtesting.

Big shoutout to Raindrinker for some much needed pixel art help.

Made with Pattern:Script by ClementSparrow, a fork of increpare's PuzzleScript.

Uses the Resurrect 64 Palette by Kerrie Lake.

The source code is available on GitHub.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Made withPuzzleScript
Tags2D, patternscript, Pixel Art, PuzzleScript, Singleplayer, Sokoban

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Wow! Delightful mechanics! Most puzzles were too difficult for me, but I enjoyed skipping through the puzzles. I also wonder if these mechanics have more potential in some way!

I totally agree with the creator saying it could have mass potential, they're working on "Isaac 2" afai heard



video :)

it seems like there's a bug on level 14, if you stack two blocks on top of each other in the low down area nearest the start, then hop down and push on one of them, you can get the blocks to clip inside each other

Thanks! Yeah, squishing up into another block is an interaction I haven’t implemented yet. Clipping is honestly one of the nicer things that can happen if you currently try it. :D I’ll get this implemented at some point, but probably not without also making levels to introduce and make use of it.

I love the puzzles but the lag is unbearable. Every time I try to move it takes 1/2 second for my guy to actually do it. Is there something going on in the code for this that makes it so bad? Usually puzzlescript games are nice and snappy.

Yeah, this game is asking a lot of the PS engine. Though that lag sounds much worse than anything I’ve seen. Sorry to hear that. I’ll have a look if I can optimise it any further, but if it’s lagging half a second for you now, I suspect some lag will remain.

It seems to run a lot faster in Chrome than it does in Firefox.

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I've been spending a lot of time on level 16, and plenty of a-ha moments that all fell short. Any clue ?
(ROT13) V guvax V unir svtherq bhg gung lbh fubhyq svaq n jnl gb npgvingr gur yvsg gb tb onpx ba gbc yriry hfvat gur 4 2-pryy oybpxf, ohg pna'g svaq n jnl.

That’s generally the right idea.

Hint 1: Gel gb svaq n pbasvthengvba bs gur wryyvrf juvpu ernpurf sebz n pryy arkg gb gur ybjre yvsg gb gur hccre yvsg.

Hint 2: Abgr gung ng gur cbvag jurer lbhe pbagencgvba ernpurf gur hccre yvsg, vg’f bxnl sbe cnegf bs vg gb qebc gb gur tebhaq sybbe (gurl whfg unir gb or fhccbegrq ba gur cerivbhf ghea).

Hint 3: Erzrzore fbzr bs gur zber fhecevfvat zrpunavpf lbh’ir yrnearq guebhtubhg gur tnzr.

Thanks, that's giving me some ideas. Gonna try some more.

My main problem may be 3, there are some mechanics that I've used once in the game and did not clearly understand how they happened except that the way to level exit was accessible.


Got it, that was actually much easier than I thought...


That was such a good game! I have to agree with maladroit in the comments, level 16 was so good.

Wow! I can't quite believe it's puzzlescript especially with such delightful *spoilers*

Figuring out the penultimate level was the a-ha-iest moment I've had out of all the jam games I've played so far :)