This update is slightly bigger than the last, but it’s still keeping the original jam version mostly intact while improving the experience in a few places.

  • Since there’s currently no easy way to add a level select to Pattern:Script games, you can now use the Konami code to skip any level you might be stuck on. Be warned though that some levels try to teach very important lessons for later puzzles (in particular levels 3, 4, and 14 are probably best not skipped).
  • Level 13 (There and Back Again): received a very tiny tweak to prevent players from discovering a mechanic not relevant to the puzzle and was moved a little earlier in the game. It’s now level 11.
  • Level 14 (Tadpole): this is a completely new level which replaces “The Elephant in the Room”. The old level was fairly broken and also at a weird place in the level progression. The new one explores similar ideas but is quite a bit trickier.

I’m generally not planning to release further levels gradually, because they’d be annoying to get to for people who have already played through the game. I still have a ton of ideas though, so I’ll get to work on a larger update and push out a whole bunch of new content at once when it’s ready.


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Jul 12, 2022


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any tip for level 14? thanks

Sure. ROT13 hints, read as much as you want:

Gurer’f gjb znva ceboyrzf urer:

Lbh arrq gb ubyq qbja obgu yvsgf (va n jnl jurer lbh pna jnyx bire obgu bs gurz gb npprff obgu cnguf).

Naq lbh arrq n gnyy wryyl gb chfu qbja gur guveq yvsg ng gur raq.

Gel fbyivat obgu bs gurfr vaqrcraqragyl svefg. Svther bhg ubj gb trg n gnyy wryyl, naq svther bhg ubj gb npgvingr obgu yvsgf jvgubhg znxvat n gnyy wryyl.

Let me know if you need more. :)